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Commercial Spatial Structural Systems

A large number of commercial spatial structural systems have been developed over the past sixty years with many of them becoming obsolete after only a short period.

Prefabricated double and multi-layer grid spatial structures can be classified into three categories:

  1. Systems made of individual members connected to each other through the use of special connectors. These are generally called ‘piece-small’ or ‘nodularsystems.
  2. Systems made of individual prefabricated units connected to each other, which are referred as ‘modular systems’.
  3. Systems assembled from continuous chord members or ‘lattice grid systems’.

The most widely used commercial spatial structural systems are:

These systems are made of standard joints or modules, which have been used as flat spatial structures, barrel vaults or domes. When spans are very long, custom-designed spatial structures are used which consist of standard hot-rolled steel shapes as the main structural members. It is always more economical to minimize the number of joints by maximizing the module size and by using simple geometries. These systems can generally be used for different depths, module sizes and support conditions.

Currently, the majority of the commercial spatial structural systems consist of variations on the Mero and Triodetic systems.


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