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Module 1 Tutorial

Module 1 Overview Tutorial [Size: 53.33MB]

(To download, click on the link)



Module 2 Tutorials

To download a video clip which demonstrates how to load the SAFAS Structure and Form Experimentation software, click here.


1. Overview Tutorial

Module 2 Overview Tutorial (Part One)-This includes Pre-Analysis Mode Overview[Size: 57.6MB]

Module 2 Overview Tutorial (Part Two)-This includes Morphing Overview[Size: 49.4MB]

Module 2 Overview Tutorial (Part Three)-This includes Post-Analysis Mode Overview[Size: 91.9 MB]



2. Tutorial One

Tutorial One Part One -Support Location and Flat Spatial Structures[Size: 59.9MB]

Tutorial One Part Two -Support Location and DLBBV Structures[Size: 55.1MB]


3. Tutorial Two

Tutorial Two Part One -Number of Edge Supports and Flat Spatial Structures [ Size:43.3MB]

Tutorial Two Part Two -Number of Edge Supports and DLBBV Structures[Size: 47.9MB]


4. Tutorial Three

Tutorial Three Part One -Span-Depth Ratio and Flat Spatial Structures[Size: 40.7MB]

Tutorial Three Part Two -Span-Depth Ratio and DLBBV Structures[Size: 55.2MB]


5. Tutorial Four

Tutorial Four Part One -Deflections and Member Forces in Flat Spatial Structures [Size: 34.6MB]

Tutorial Four Part Two -Support Location in Flat Spatial Structures [Size: 15.0MB]

Tutorial Four Part Three -Support Location in DLBBV Spatial Structures and Form and Group Sizing [Size: 37.8MB]


6. Tutorial Five

Tutorial Five Part One -Support Types in Flat Spatial Structures [Size: 18.3MB]

Tutorial Five Part Two -Support Types in DLBBV Spatial Structures [Size: 13.6MB]




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